Nike Case Study: Child Labor in Multinationals

Nike Case Study: Child Labor in Multinationals

1.0 Executive Summary

Nike Case Study is a study that evaluates the allegation that Nike Corporation’s overseas chains are engaged in child labor especially among the less developed economies with Indonesia as the frame of reference. The paper outlines some of the reasons that motivate the corporation’s appetite for child labor. The need for colossal earnings for companies comes out rather strong. On the backdrop of outsourcing hangs a dark cloud of senseless exploitation and squalor working conditions. While examining the business ethics and the CSR of Nike, the study notes how important it is for the company to formulate broad corporate guidelines that should be followed to the latter and without equivocation. However, the Nike Case Study notes that in countries like………………………………………. Nike Case Study abstract is incomplete… if you need a complete paper on Nike Case Study, please place an order and outline relevant information that you want Nike Case Study written

Table of Contents.

1.0 Executive Summary    2
2.0 Introduction    3
3.0 A critical but balanced & impartial examination    4
3.1 Business ethics    5
3.2 Safety and Health    5
3.4 Remuneration    6
3.5 Facts about Child Labor    7
3.6 Factors that lead to child labor    8
3.7 CSR/sustainability    9
4.0 General Analysis of the Topic    9
4.1Formulating Education Program for Child Labor    9
4.2 Managing Dropout Levels at Elementary Schools    10
4.4 Campaign against structure of child labor:    10
4.5 Company Codes    11
5.0 Recommendations    12
6.0 Conclusion    13
7.0 References    14

2.0 Introduction

Nike is faced with a barrage of accusations on accounts of using child labor in the production of its sports outfits in Indonesia.  Multinational corporations have been swift to take advantage of cheap labor that comes with globalization with the aim to accrue colossal profits and maintain a competitive edge. The shorted route to achieving this has been to outsource for cheaper labor in struggling economies.  Child labor has been presumably the target, as they require less pay, approximately less than 3$ a day. Another reason why child labor is preferred is pegged on the fact that kids do not understand labor laws and by the time they come to the realization, corporation behind such a scandal would have made a senseless rip-off. A study by World Bank……………….Incomplete………… Order a custom case study. Nike Case Study: Child Labor in Multinationals

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