Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

If you subscribe to one of the services provided by Best Cheap Essay Writing Service, it means that you are in full agreement to these terms and conditions:

The intention to create Best Cheap Essay Writing Service was for it to be accessible and usable by everyone who has a connection to World Wide Web.  It is not a service that operates in a particular single country, locale or territory.

It is agreed that when a client places on order or makes a payment, it is synonymous with making a purchase of products that are intended academic, personal or other non-commercial uses.

When our freelance writers sell write-ups to you, it subsequently transfers 100 percent of their rights, ownership and credits for writing a product or service that you just bought.

When a customer receives and acknowledges receipt of an article within the acceptable period and does not raise any interest in revising the delivered product, it automatically becomes non-refundable. Warranties, when grace period elapses, it shall likewise expire.

For the part of Best Cheap Essay Writing Service, we acknowledge the fact that every product delivered is 100% original and totally free of plagiarism.

If you agree to  these terms and conditions, it means that  you as the client has recognized the fact that any of contracts, arrangements and agreements can be cancelled by Best Cheap Essay Writing Service especially when  there is breach to  any of terms specified.

Best Cheap Essay Writing Service does not tolerate, condone, encourage or knowingly connive in practices that directly associate or relate with plagiarism. The company is committed to adhering to and obey all the provisions of applicable copyright and intellectual property rights.

The company also respects Policy on Free Revision provided that a customer makes a request within specified grace period. After the provided grace period, this courtesy service will be entirely forfeited.

To protect Best Cheap Essay Writing Service from unjustified revisions, we have a quality compliance department that reserves all rights to set revision limit.

In additional,  the quality compliance team reserves all rights to decline revision requests more so if the reason offered in unacceptable, if the department  believes a customer is taking advantage of the writer or when a customer abuses the privilege of revision.

Best Cheap Essay Writing Service guarantees each customer of 100 percent satisfaction. It also ensures that every product is original, and it shall be delivered with specified period.

All work will be checked by most sophisticated anti-plagiarism programs existing in the market because Best Cheap Essay Writing Service does not forgive nor tolerate plagiarism.

Any request for the cancellation of an order or refund should be communicated correctly. We require the requesting customer to send directly us a written note containing substantial grounds for dissatisfaction so that we understand the reason for making this request.

Moreover, cancellation and refund request is done within specified period. When this time elapses before an application for cancellation or return is received, it will automatically be construed to be an indication that the owner is satisfied with the delivered work.

Finally, Best Cheap Essay Writing Service reserves all rights to establish contact with customers through email if there are discount privileges, new offers, services and other special provisions that could be useful to customers.

By clicking “Agree,” it signifies that you fully understood all contents of the Terms and Conditions and has agreed to all its provision.

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